Interdrive Srl

Viale Delle Esposizioni ,2/5 (già Strada traversante Lupo,2) - 43122 Parma (Italy)

Confinante con casello autostradale A1( MI-BO ) di Parma Centro

Tel. +39 0521 270003 - Fax +39 0521 772990

Mobile 3462401933 – 3356401073 - 3668749099

Interdrive srl takes care over exports in global market. In particular we offer our clients, who need delivering vehicles to EU or non-EU countries, the following services:

1.Striking off italian Bureau of Motor Vehicles  (P.R.A.)

2.EU and non- EU Booking Service. Interdrive srl has an agreement with best Italian Export Agencies.  We  get in charge of all customs practices. You may ask for an estimate without any obligation.

  1. Delivery to all Italian and European Ports. Interdrive srl deals with delivering vehicles to all main ports  in Italy and Europe relying on specialized transport services. We apply flat rate.
  2. Temporary number plate. If you want to pick up your vehicle, Interdrive srl places temporary number plates at your disposal to reach other countries by land.
  3. Load with crane Service. Interdrive srl has an agreement with qualified crane operators  to load more vehicles and equipment before export.

Please contact us, we’ll be glad to give you further informations and send you an estimate.